I'm 🌸Sakura Ranger🌸!

Sakura means cherry blosom

I like to draw,use Tinkercad,play music,use threejs.org and etc.

I hope you have a good time being here.

It's good to smile so always remember to smile!

Hey guys it's finally 2023!Sorry guys,the reason why i wasn't online as mutch is bc i didn't have any ideas for my website.But now,I proudly say that a Toasty Ghost Story Box is has now been added!The My secret double life page is currenlty getting edited(should be done by jan 15 if no procrastination XD) um Toasty Ghost out!

By the way you people have to listen to the link below⬇

it's not an actual video but just the song so don't expet any animationChristian French-Head First